Devam Foundation- Indo- Bulgarian society for Arts and Culture has been working to establish a cultural bridge between India and Bulgaria since 1991 and is the  oldest registered  foundation in Bulgaria. Devam is a voluntary movement that organizes programs which aim at  bringing Indian culture to the lands of of Bulgaria and projecting the rich Bulgarian heritage in India, through  organisation of  cultural events around music, dance, folk arts,Yoga, Ayurveda and cinema.Our objective is to promote cultural activities for the public at large.


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Devam-Ibsac is  successfully working with Friends of India Club, East West Foundation, Ayurveda Association and other organisations such as Red Cross Bulgaria, International Women’s Club,Multi-Culti collective, Reorich Club the local government kindergartens,schools and various yoga clubs around Bulgaria.

It has also witnessed successful collaborations with the Department of Indology and Department of Journalism at the University of Sofia and also with New Bulgarian University, Sofia. Devam-IBSAC also stood as the key facilitator in the signing of the MOU between Institute of Chemistry ,Bulgarian Academy of Science(Sofia) and the Department of Chemisty ,Chaudhry Charan Singh University( Meerut). The organisation was one of the co-organizers of two International conferences held at  Sofia and Meerut. Devam-IBSAC has always been closely associated with Yoga and Ayurveda and has managed to conduct various programs entailing to the same. Eminent  Ayurveda doctors as well as practioners  and Yoga professors have been invited  by Devam-Ibsac.

In its future endeavours, Devam seeks to find more oppurtnuities that could strengthen the ties between the two countries. The biggest strength of Devam-IBSAC is its members ,volunteers  who represent different sections of the society. Devam has always been grateful to all the  researchers, teachers, lawyers,  students, artists, architects, historians that have come forward to help the organisation attain its objectives.

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Contact and Location

ul. “Petar Parchevich” 29, 1000 Sofia Center, Sofia, Bulgaria



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